Design-to-Sell Consultation

$295 USD

Level of difficulty

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Nearly every homeowner needs an expert eye to figure out what needs to be done to prepare your home for sale, for top dollar.

We're here to help. With our Aspirational Staging™ process, we know what it takes to prepare a home to sell, the first time.

This package is for clients that need input on what to do to prepare their home for market, when they want to do all the work themselves, and need a list of what to prepare in order of priority.

Interested in knowing more? Here's how to proceed:

  1.  Schedule a complimentary Discovery Call with us to discuss your project, or call us at 310.903.2321 and leave a message.

  2.  Purchase this package.

  3.  Schedule your Design Consultation.

What to expect from our Design Consultation:

*90 minutes of our expert advice via Facetime to discuss your home and everything that needs to be accomplished before putting it on the market.

In-person consultation available in Nashville and Los Angeles.

*We'll discuss painting, organization, lighting, fixtures, cabinets, furniture layout, and much more.

*You'll receive one designer-approved paint color from Benjamin Moore with this package.

*After our Initial Consultation, our team will write up our notes and recommendations and upload them to our custom design platform, so that you can reference them at your convenience.

How to Prep for the Consultation:

*You don't need to clean or do anything, just show up at the appointed day and time!

*The cost for this service is refundable when you decide to upgrade to one of our Aspirational Staging™ Services, either Online or In-Person, within 30 days.