Aspirational Staging: Online

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Are you getting ready to sell your home but there's so much to do you don't know where to start? Or, has your house been sitting on the market for a while and it's just not connecting with buyers?

We're here to help. With our years in the luxury real estate market and interior design, we know what it takes to prepare a home to sell, the first time.

This service is used for occupied homes, where the owner remains in the home during the sales process and decides to forgo staging and use their own items instead.

Our unique process, Aspirational Staging, considers all aspects of designing your home to connect with your ideal buyer.

This is an online design service, which we have found to be very successful for most clients. For clients that require more "hands-on" service we offer our In-Person package.

Here's what you'll receive in this package:

*Our complete property assessment based on customer provided “before” photos.

*Written proposal with detailed steps to accomplish before listing your home for sale or professional photography. Every detail on the property is considered and evaluated to make the best first impression.

*Custom interior paint palette included, featuring up to three colors by Benjamin Moore. Add an exterior color for $50 extra.

*Room-by-room assessment with our exact recommendations.

*3 Floorplans, showing an aerial view of furniture and accessories placement, including new items for refresh. Rooms of your choice.

*Outdoor living area and yard included.

*List of accessories and items to purchase to update your home, (optional but highly recommended). Approve items and order easily with one-click.

*Direct communication with Realtor and third-party vendors. We work as a team to prepare your home for market and to achieve the best outcome based on your style of home and the buyers in your area.

Priced for up to a 4000 square foot home. Additional surcharge of $.25 per square foot over 4000, invoiced after inital package purchase. Up to 3 modifications to plan or purchases can be made at no additional cost.

Interested in knowing more? Here's how to proceed:

1. Schedule a Discovery Call to discuss the scope of your project and budget, as well as the details of this package. You can also reach us at 310.903.2321 and leave a message.

2. Pay for this package.

4. Send us your photos and some measuements, )we'll walk you through this process).

5. Get excited because we will be delivering your custom design package to you within 7 days of receiving your photos. This package includes all our recommendations for the interior and exterior of your home.

6. Hire the trade vendors needed to ready your home for sale: painters, handyman, professional cleaners, etc. We'll be on hand to answer any questions your chosen trades may have.

7. Look through and approve the items that we recommend to update your home, then order with one simple click (optional but highly recommended). We'll also include instructions on where to place these new items for maximum impact.

8. Once all treatments are completed, and new items received, follow our instructions for furniture placement and accessory styling. Now your home is ready for market and professional photography.

9. One hour of design consult support is included for any follow up questions.